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Why Clear Aligners?

Woman wearing clear alignerAligners offer the most discreet form of orthodontic treatment due to their see-through resin material. This design allows them to appear transparent when placed on the teeth, making them indistinguishable from the rest of the oral cavity. Clear aligners have a number of benefits which makes them a worthy alternative to traditional braces. Roncone Orthodontics can help you choose what oral device would be best for your orthodontic treatment and believes clear aligners could be for you.

Why Should I Choose Aligners?

Aligners have a number of benefits including their indistinguishable nature, making them the most discreet oral appliance available. Patients who did not want to seek treatment previously, due to the aesthetic of oral appliances, can now receive treatment in a subtle manner. Your appearance will not be changed by aligners, and you can receive the necessary treatment without anyone knowing you are receiving it.

Aligners do not require changes to the diet during the treatment plan as they are removed during meals. This means you can continue eating the meals you enjoy and can stick to the same diet. When wearing traditional braces, patients cannot eat certain hard and sticky foods.

Aligners are also easy to clean as they are removed and washed during your normal oral hygiene routine. Traditional braces users can find it difficult to clean both the oral appliance and the teeth, due to several intricate parts covering the enamel. An aligner user does not have the same problem, as they can easily clean both separately.

Am I a Candidate for Aligners?

Aligners are used on mild to moderate cases of teeth misalignment as they are made from an inflexible mold of resin. This means if you are looking to correct crooked teeth, or make minor cosmetic adjustments, aligners could be for you. While aligners cannot accommodate the more extreme cases of teeth alignment, many patients do opt for aligners due to their see-through material.

What Is Involved in Aligner Treatment?

Aligner treatment is different from any other form of orthodontic care as you will receive multiple sets of aligners over the course of your treatment. You will wear a new set of aligners every two weeks, with each set successively moving your teeth to the desired positioning. You will meet with us every 3-4 months, in order for us to check the progress of the treatment plan, and for you to receive your new sets of aligners.

The treatment plan is usually 1-2 years long, and patients usually wear between 12-48 sets of aligners in that time. The aligners must be worn for 22 hours of the day, in order for the individual to receive effective treatment. Aligners must be taken out for meals, and when drinking anything but water.

Clear aligners have a number of unique benefits that could make them suitable as your oral device during your treatment plan. Aligners are made from a clear resin and are indistinguishable from natural teeth. Roncone Orthodontics can inform you on whether you qualify as a candidate for aligners. To book your consultation appointment, contact us at (951) 595-8291.
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