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Brushing with braces

Close up of girl with braces holding interdental and traditional toothbrush.One of the concerns patients often have with braces is how to take care of them while also maintaining good dental hygiene. They want to make certain that they protect their oral health without damaging their braces. While we sit down with all of our patients here at Roncone Orthodontics when they get braces and walk them through the process, it always helps to have an idea of how you should maintain your dental hygiene while wearing braces.

Do Not Change Your Dental Hygiene Habits

It is important that you do not change your dental hygiene habits. You will still need to brush at minimum twice a day and floss daily. You will need to be sure you come in for your six-month checkups, though you may be able to combine those checkups with one of your appointments to have your braces adjusted. What you will need to do is add extra care for your braces, and you may need to adjust how you brush and floss, so you do not damage the braces.

How to Care for Your Braces

Caring for your braces is fairly simple, too. After each meal, look in the mirror and check to make certain nothing is stuck in your braces. In addition to avoiding a potentially embarrassing situation, removing any food stuck in your braces also ensures that they will not be damaged. This stuck food can also be used as fuel for the bacteria that creates cavities. This is another reason why you need to make certain you do come in for your regular cleanings and checkups because it can be easy to miss signs of cavities when you have braces.

Flossing Is Different

While you will be able to carefully floss with regular dental floss while wearing braces, it does take more time. You have to carefully move the floss between the wires and brackets. It may take as long as 15 minutes to complete. You will likely need to use a mirror with good lighting to make certain you floss completely and without damaging the braces.

Another option is to use an oral irrigator. This type of device uses water instead of floss. It shoots a small but steady stream out through a nozzle that you aim between your teeth. This device may take a little time to get used to using, but it can be just as effective as using standard floss. You can also use a floss threader, which is a small tool that helps weave the floss between the wires of the braces. It may still take a little longer to floss than it would without braces, but it does speed up the process.

Brushing Does Not Change

You can continue brushing normally. However, you will want to use what is called an interdental brush. This type of toothbrush makes it easier to clean between the brackets. You still brush normally but do take your time. There is no need to rush, especially when you are getting used to brushing with braces.

If you would like more information and tips on brushing with braces, you can always call Roncone Orthodontics at (951) 595-8291.
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Brushing with Braces Temecula CA
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