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Braces for Kids and Teens

A smile with the braces.Children should come in for their first orthodontist appointment when they are 7 years old. This is because your child is entering the optimal period for orthodontic treatment, when the mouth is most susceptible to change via an oral device. It is perfectly normal for a child or teenager to require orthodontic treatment and it is not an indication of neglect to their dental hygiene. Braces are common, and your child may know a classmate who has them already. Roncone Orthodontics can accommodate orthodontic treatment for any teeth or jaw misalignment.

Introducing Your Child to Their Braces

Braces may be advised for your child if they have crowded teeth. Crowded teeth occurs when too many teeth are in a dental arch, causing some of them to be in front of others. They may also be given the option of braces because they have difficulty talking or eating.

The next step would be for your child to choose the type of braces they would like, the variety of options contingent on the complexity of their misalignment. Once they have selected the type of braces, they will be fitted.

To make braces more accommodating, they can be made in a variety of different colors. You can have one color, or multiple across the brackets. Different colors suit different people, and darker colors make your teeth look whiter.

Your child may have difficulty talking and eating with their braces at first, but children usually become used to them within a week. You need to ensure your child is brushing their teeth properly, as their oral hygiene routine will have changed slightly.

Types of Braces for Children

There are many different types of braces for children, including traditional braces. In recent years, braces have become smaller in size, due to advances in dental technology, making them more subtle. Traditional braces are still a staple of the orthodontist’s office because they can accommodate alignment cases that other oral devices cannot.

Braces can also be made from ceramic, which are subtle in comparison to traditional braces. These braces are preferred by patients who want to receive treatment in a more indistinguishable manner.

Damon System Braces are another favored option, as they are smaller than traditional braces and do not require elastic bands. This gives them a sleek aesthetic, making them more stylish. They do not require tightening, which means fewer appointments for the patient. This can be helpful when trying to fit orthodontic appointments around a busy family schedule.

Aligners are an alternative to braces and are made from clear resin. The see-through nature of the aligner is what attracts most patients to the oral device. It allows a patient to undergo orthodontic treatment completely undetected. Aligners can only be used on patients with mild to moderate cases of teeth misalignment, and more extreme cases will need braces.

Roncone Orthodontics offers a wide variety of braces for children and teenagers. We can accommodate your child’s needs and assure an efficient and effective orthodontic treatment plan. To learn more about orthodontic care for your child, contact us at (951) 595-8291 and book your consultation appointment.
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Braces for Kids and Teens Temecula CA
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