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All about Braces

Close up of 3D model of braces.The thought of having braces may initially be overwhelming, but life with braces is easier than it looks, it just takes some getting used to. There are some things you need to know about having braces, such as how to clean your teeth properly, and what you can and cannot eat. Having braces can be really important for the health of your mouth, as the results may mean you can clean parts of your teeth you could not access before. It can also make it easier to talk and chew. Roncone Orthodontics can educate you on braces, and why orthodontic treatment is important.

What Are the Benefits of Braces?

Often, the most obvious advantage to braces is their improvement to the aesthetic appearance of the mouth. With straight teeth that are aligned correctly, many patients feel more confident and happy with the appearance of their teeth. However, there are more advantages than just aesthetics, many of which people do not realize.

How do braces work?

Crowded teeth, or teeth at awkward angles, can make it difficult to reach certain teeth. This means that during your normal oral hygiene routine, you may neglect cleaning some teeth, or even find it impossible to clean a tooth properly. This can be detrimental to a tooth’s health and cause it to decay over time. Fortunately, braces can move these teeth into a proper alignment and allow for the proper upkeep of the oral cavity.

Misaligned teeth can also make it difficult to eat and talk. This is because teeth are meant to be in straight rows, in order for the ordinary functions of the mouth to work correctly. For example, lisps are caused primarily by an overbite or gap between two teeth. Braces can alleviate a lisp, by altering the positioning of the teeth or jaw.

Maintaining Oral Hygiene With Braces

During your orthodontic treatment plan, your oral hygiene routine will have to change in order to accommodate your braces. This means you will have to take more care when maintaining your oral health. Plaque is prone to build up around the brackets that have been placed on your teeth, so it is ideal to make sure you brush around the brackets extra carefully. An interdental toothbrush can help you brush underneath and around the wire, while also used to brush in-between teeth.

You may also find that where you can brush in your mouth is changing. If a tooth was being blocked by another at an awkward angle, you may be able to access it a few months into your treatment. This is also applicable to gaps closing up, or if the treatment is changing your bite. If you need tips on how to brush your newly aligned teeth, one of our orthodontists can teach you good techniques for brushing your teeth.

Protecting your braces

Getting braces means that your daily habits will have to change a bit, like avoiding certain foods and brushing and flossing differently than before. In order to make the most of your braces, and your overall oral health, these steps are incredibly important to take. After all, you are undergoing treatment in order to reach your optimal oral health! It is important to stop unhealthy habits that may damage your braces, like chewing on pens, straws, or your nails. These h

Braces can be an important step in an adolescent’s life. Roncone Orthodontics wants to help you understand why they can be necessary for your oral health. To book a consultation appointment now, call us at (951) 595-8291.
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All About Braces Temecula CA
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