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Aligners Vs. Braces

Close up of young woman holding clear aligner and braces demoBoth aligners and braces are reliable oral devices that can realign your teeth for multiple reasons, including for cosmetic and hygienic purposes. They each have their own benefits, and while you may be a suitable candidate for one, it does not necessarily mean you are for the other. One of our orthodontists can help you choose which would be most suitable for your specific requirements. Roncone Orthodontics offers both aligners and braces as a form of alignment treatment.

Who Is a Candidate for Aligners or Braces?

Braces can suit every case of teeth misalignment. In some cases, where the patient has teeth crowding, one or two teeth may need to be removed in order for all the teeth to fit in a dental arch when properly aligned. Otherwise, all patients that need teeth alignment are suitable candidates for braces. On the other hand, aligners only suit mild to moderate cases of misalignment. This is because the aligners are made of a hard resin, and are far less flexible compared to the application of braces. Braces are made from wires and brackets, making the scope of teeth they can accommodate much broader.

Aligners and Braces Properties

Aligners and Braces each have their own unique properties that give them a possible advantage over the other. Aligners, for example, are made of a see-through resin, which makes them difficult to distinguish when placed on the teeth. This is advantageous for those who worry about their appearance changing when receiving orthodontic treatment. However, braces can deliver more effective treatment where aligners cannot. Even when teeth have large gaps between them, or are at extreme angles, braces can accommodate these cases.

Another advantage of aligners is that their treatment plan does not impact your diet. You can continue eating the foods you currently do as the aligners are removed before meals. When wearing braces, you must avoid hard and sticky foods. However, the fact that braces are non-removable can also be seen as an advantage. This is because you are always receiving treatment, and do not have to worry about neglecting your orthodontic treatment. Aligner users must be more diligent, as they have to ensure they are wearing their aligners for a minimum of 22 hours of the day.

In terms of which one can deliver faster treatment, the answers you will receive are conflicting. Some professionals will state that aligners are faster and vice versa. It is best to ask our orthodontic professional when it comes to your individual case, as it can change depending on the original alignment of your teeth.

Whether you choose aligners or braces, you will receive effective treatment from both and can look forward to the benefits of aligned teeth. Both are credible oral devices, and the choice is down to your own personal preference. Our oral professionals can help you make this decision by informing you on the advantages specific to your case. If you have been recommended alignment treatment, it is important to get due to the benefits for your oral health. Call Roncone Orthodontics at (951) 595-8291 to book your consultation appointment.
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Aligners vs Braces Temecula CA
Unsure whether aligners or braces are right for you? Our experts in Temecula, CA, can guide you through the pros and cons of each option.
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