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Adult Orthodontics

Woman smiling with bracesWhile the optimal period for orthodontic treatment is during childhood, many adults may have missed out on the opportunity and may be seeking it out later in their life. This could be due to a number of reasons, including how bulky and noticeable oral appliances used to be, causing individuals to neglect receiving the necessary treatment.

Roncone Orthodontics uses the latest dental technology to ensure the most discreet but effective treatment is available to our patients. There has never been a more desirable time for adult’s to receive orthodontic care and amend issues with their jaw and teeth alignment.

What Is Different Between Early and Adult Orthodontic Treatment?

The main reason that orthodontic treatment is preferably performed when a patient is younger is because, during the teenage years, the oral cavity is still growing and therefore susceptible to change. Developing teeth are more willing to move and stay in their realigned position when the mouth is still growing. This makes it more difficult for an adult to receive effective repositioning treatment, as there are more complications that can emerge, mainly due to age.

Furthermore, there are some treatments that are available for children that are not available for adults. This is mainly due to treatments being rendered ineffective when the oral cavity is fully developed. This includes treatments like widening the upper jaw via a palatal expander. This treatment is used to create more room in the upper jaw for adult teeth, and prevent dental crowding. Adult upper jaws are not susceptible to widening, and so another procedure will have to take place instead, such as tooth removal or jaw surgery.

How Have Braces Been Made More Discreet?

Over the years, braces have been made smaller and more discreet, so they may be different to how you remember them. We can assess your suitability for a number of different procedures, and see what oral appliances we can recommend to you. For example, aligners are a new form of retainer that are made from see-through resin. This makes them the most indistinguishable form of orthodontic treatment available. They are practically undetectable, and allow patients to receive the necessary treatment, without anyone knowing they have aligners in. However, only certain patients are suitable for aligner treatment, as they can only accommodate milder cases of misalignment.

Damon System braces are a new form of braces that are similar to the traditional type, but are smaller and sleeker in appearance. Damon System braces remove the need for elastics, the rubber bands between the upper and lower rows of teeth, improving the aesthetic of braces altogether. Furthermore, Damon System braces can also come in Damon Clear. Damon Clear’s brackets are made of clear material, which makes them even more discreet than Damon System braces.

Treatment plans with braces and aligners usually conclude with wearing a retainer overnight for a six month period. This prevents the reversion of the realignment.

Adult orthodontics have never been more accommodating. Roncone Orthodontics has a number of different treatment options, including one that will suit your alignment journey. To book an appointment now, call us at (951) 595-8291.
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