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Addressing Crowded Teeth With Orthodontics

Posted on 5/1/2024 by Roncone Orthodontics
woman holding a model of teeth with braces in one hand and a clear aligner tray in the other hand and looking perplexedDo overlapping, misaligned, or crooked teeth make you self-conscious about smiling? Modern orthodontic treatments provide highly effective and increasingly discreet solutions for correcting crowded teeth and restoring confidence in your smile.

Causes of Crowding

In some patients, jaw development creates insufficient width for all adult teeth to fit ideally. Baby teeth also save inferior gaps compared to larger permanent teeth erupting later. Premature tooth loss, gum disease, abnormally swallowed tongues, or oral habits like thumb sucking also cause crowding. Inherited small jaws and tooth sizes can cause discomfort and cramping.

Initially, mild crowding tends to worsen over time as more teeth come in. As spaces tighten, problems like chips, decay, gum issues, and uneven wear, which pose bigger risks, also emerge. Acting sooner generates simpler, gentler correction paths.

Traditional Wire Options

Metal wire braces remain highly customizable for realigning severely overlapped, flared, or crooked teeth stepwise. Carefully guided directional pressure makes room methodically, eventually letting each tooth settle into its optimal position.

Dental expanders are used to widen narrow upper jaws, allowing for a more comfortable spread of teeth and minimizing the need for extractions. Coordinated elastics help fine-tune the fit between the upper and lower teeth, preventing potential relapse in the future.

Clear Aligner Alternatives

Companies now offer nearly invisible plastic aligner trays molded to incrementally push teeth outward or into gaps. Their smooth, customized surfaces apply light forces, eliciting natural responses in the supporting bone following programmed movement plans. No metal means no bracket irritation.

Clear aligner orthodontics continues to gain popularity thanks to its outstanding aesthetic appeal. Brands compete through technological innovation, promising quicker courses with minimal lifestyle impact - and some are even safe for teens!

Achieving Aligned Smiles Without Obvious Wires

Modern orthodontics has made it possible to achieve properly aligned and easy-to-clean smiles without the need for visible wires. Consult our experts on which treatment best resolves your crowding for an affordable investment that protects long-term dental wellness.

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